On this page you will find a sampling of our equipment. From these pictures and descriptions you can see that we are tooled up with the most state of the art equipment possible and are ready for your orders.

Wire Processing

  • Schleuniger CS9100
  • Schleuniger CS9000
  • Schleuniger CT42
  • Schleuniger Eco Strip 9300
  • Schleuniger PF2000 Pre Feeder
  • Schleuniger UC3750 Ribbon Cutter
  • Schleuniger Unistrip 2015
  • Schleuniger MP257 Coaxial Stripper
  • Schleuniger CS9500BF Measure Cut and Strip Machine
  • Schleuniger CXM CSU Center Strip Machine
  • Schleuniger CXM CC1400 Cable Coiler
  • Schleuniger CXM PF4600 Pre Feeder
  • CXM TM66 Tying Machine
  • Multi-Tech Molding Machine


  • AMP 3K/40
  • AMP/Tyco G-Press
  • Panduit CP-862
  • Pico Tool 400 Series Pneumatic Crimping Tools and Dies 

Pneumatic Tools

  • Panduit
  • Pico Tool


  • Chatillon DFIS100 Pull Testers
  • Cirris Signature Testers
  • Hipotronics Hipot Testers

 Material Handling

  • Crown SC4500
  • Crown Paller Jack 5000
  • Graham Pay Out Machine
  • Graham H3T6 Take-up Reeling Machine
  • Graham C70 Coiling Machine
  • Graham H8T 10 Premier Series Reel Machine
  • Tr Style Dispensing Rack
  • Nitech 20/20 Series OIS15
  • Transcell Scale Model TI-1600

Here are some pictures of just some of our equipment to handle your needs!

Click on any picture for a larger image,

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