Supreme Cable Technology, Inc. has over 22 years of experience in providing quality turnkey, full-service, custom manufacturing of cable assemblies, wire harnesses and electro-mechanical assemblies. Our customers are OEM, EMS, small entrepreneurial ventures, mid-size firms and Fortune 500 companies.

Supreme Cable's Products and Solutions

Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses
With first class cable and wire processing equipment, Supreme Cable's capabilities to process any and all types of raw cables and wires are limitless. We can cut, strip and terminate all materials to customer specifications with the highest quality and superior workmanship in the industry.

Electro-Mechanical Assemblies and Complex Box Build Assemblies
Supreme Cable manufactures complex and simple box builds for customers in all industries. Our simple to complex builds can include; power supplies, sub-assemblies, LED's, switches, sensors and probes. We offer full box builds to customers looking for complete turn-key solutions. When out sourcing your complex electro-mechanical assemblies, don't trust your reputation with just any cable house, call the Supreme Team. No matter the specifications; cable ties and labels, boards, clamps and brackets, switches, plugs, LED's, you name it, Supreme Cable can manufacture it. 

Solar Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses
We have added solar projects to the list of Supreme Cable's specialties. From the back of any solar panel to the inverter ally, we can produce all custom cable assemblies and harnesses for any small and major solar project. All wire junctions are ultrasonic welded and then over molded. Our cable systems are verified for pull test strength and functional quality tested to assure no problems. Supreme Cable has supplied multiple solar sites with PV harnesses and assemblies. From 10 feet to 1,000 feet long and 1 piece to 100 thousand piece production, Supreme Cable can help design and manufacture it.

Conduit Assemblies
Supreme Cable offers a wide range of conduit assemblies, from 15 amp to 60 amp which include ¾ inch to as big as 6 inches in diameter, there is nothing we cannot do. With seal tight flex conduit and flex steel, we can manufacturer to any customers specifications in low or high volumes.


Supreme Cable works with all types of transformers, resistors, connectors, terminals and cables including mil spec, industrial and micro components. We work with high and low voltage systems.


  • Medical (Class III)
  • Military (Class II/III)
  • IPC 620A standards and inspection
  • Ultra sonic welding and splicing.

Ultrasonic Wire Splicing

Ultrasonic welding technology joins wire or any metal parts by applying the energy of high frequency vibrations to the product or parts to be welded.

Manufacturing Capacity

Supreme Cable is a medium-size manufacturing facility with production capabilities of 1,000-100,000 units. We can build first articles and prototypes for smaller companies and growing ventures. Kanban and pull trigger materials management processes maximize efficiencies and ensure on-time delivery to our customers.

Big manufacturer technology with small manufacturer agility. We are the best of both.

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