Round Cable Assemblies

Supreme Cable specializes in round cable assemblies for customers all over the world. We currently manufacture custom cable assemblies for medical, dental and hospital equipment manufacturers, surgical medical equipment manufacturers, sign manufacturers, instrument of measurement and test equipment as well as other commercial equipment and wholesalers. Our team delivers the highest quality workmanship on time.

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  • Molded or Assembled Cable Assemblies
  • Coaxial Cable Assemblies
  • Modular Patch Cable Assemblies
  • Voice & Data Cable Assemblies
  • Audio & Video Cable Assemblies
  • D-Sub Cable Assemblies
  • Mill Circular Cable Assemblies


Supreme Cable has done it all from marine, land, air and space - all climates, any environment. Our assemblies are in use all over the world and in space!

Quality Management

Supreme Cable is ISO 9001:2008 and IPC 620A certified, RoHS, FDA and military compliant, as well as UL and CSA approved. Our testing is documented for accuracy and efficiencies. We also conduct random on-the-spot testing and whenever possible, 100% product testing. Supreme Cable's PPM is well below industry standard.

 Quality product is a result of quality service!

All round cable assemblies are manufactured to meet customer specifications:

  1. prints, drawings or schematics;
  2. bill of materials (BOM); and
  3. approved vendor list (AVL) when required 

 Round Cable Assemblies!

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