We consider exceeding customer's expectations the best advertising money can buy. Each year we talk to our customers and ask them how we are doing. Here are some of the comments from our most recent customer satisfaction surveys:

"You guys are GREAT, always were, always will be!"

"The customer service was excellent"

"...very happy with the service and quality of product we have received from Supreme Cable Technology and consider the relationship with SCT a strong partnership"

"Very good company to work with. Very pleasant and professional people."

"Meeting our delivery needs for Kanban items is working well."

Here are some other letters we have received over the years.

"I wanted to let you know that the cables that Supreme Cable Technology built for Lockheed Martin are now officially on duty. The assigned duty is to be part of the new missile launch detection system for the United States and our allies. There are 28 countries that have ballistic missiles ready to use, perhaps against us. We must be vigilant. The old equipment is being retired, and the new equipment - with your cables - is now watching over our Country."
-Lockheed Martin M&DS


"Supreme Cable Technology has been a strategic supplier for 6 years. During this time they have repeatedly embraced our corporate initiatives, helping (us) to improve the quality, delivery, and cost of our products. Supreme is providing a total supply solution that includes rapid replenishment, limited inventory, and delivery to point-of-use...Overall, Supreme Cable Technology has been a strong cable assembly supplier. By embracing lean manufacturing, Supreme has consistently improved to meet (our) quality, delivery, and cost expectations."
-A valued customer and market leader in power systems.

"I have been working in manufacturing for the last 20 years, trying to develop partnerships with suppliers. My relationship with Supreme Cable Technology was the partnership that the text books write about. I have never worked with a group of people who are so conscientious, dedicated to performance and willing to take that extra mile to meet their customers' needs! Supreme Cable is the type of company that is young, growing, and flexible, welcomes innovative ideas and has implemented lean manufacturing techniques into their environment. SCT has set a new standard in the cable industry."
-Renee Atansio, Buyer

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