Ultrasonic Welding and Splicing

Ultrasonic Wire Splicing

Ultrasonic welding technology bonds multiple wires together or wire to any other metal parts by applying the energy of high frequency vibrations to the product or parts to be welded together.

Ultrasonic Spot Welding

Ultrasonic spot welding is our newest addition of wire processing technology. WIth this state of the art equipment, our specialized techs can spot weld wire to terminals and or brakets for special applications. A spot weld produced by this high energy process is stronger than any solder joint and requires only the components you wish to bond together.

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Wide Range of Applications

  • End splices / butt splices
  • Inline splices / head to head splices
  • Inline splices with middle stripped wires
  • Protection for single wire ends
  • Wire to terminal connections


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