Out Sourcing


When and How to Our Source

First time outsourcing? You're in good hands with Supreme Cable.


 Did you know...?

The Top 10 Reasons Companies Outsource

  • reduce and control operating costs
  • improve company focus
  • gain access to world-class capabilities
  • free internal resources for other purposes
  • utilize resources that are not available internally
  • increase speed to market
  • replace an internal function that was hard to manage or out of control
  • make capital funds available
  • share risks
  • improve quality and reliability

The #1 factor companies consider when selecting a supplier is quality!

The #2 factor companies consider when selecting a supplier is price!


How to prepare for an outsourcing quote request...

Step 1. Complete a BOM (bill of material). This is a list of all the components used to build your assembly and should include:

  • manufacturer's name
  • manufacturer's part number
  • quantity per unit
  • measurement per unit, if applicable
  • target pricing if available

Indicate whether comparable alternative or cross components are acceptable.

Step 2. Latest prints (blue print, sketches, drawings or schematics) of the assembly. If prints are not available, prepare a sample.

Step 3. Determine first order quantity and due date. Determine EAU (estimated annual usage or quantity). Determine a schedule for desired production releases throughout the year, if applicable.

Supreme Cable provides first articles (FAs) or inspection samples to our customers for approval, prior to first order production.

Step 4. Email the above information to our Sales department at sales@supremecable.com. Ship a sample, if prints are not available, to ATTN: Sales at 12351 N. Grant Street, #300; Thornton, CO 80241. Include the information from steps 1-3 with the sample.

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