Value Added Solutions

Is it time for change?

Supreme Cable Technology, Inc. provides more than a commodity; we provide solutions that enable significant cost savings to our customers.

Don't get caught up with those who just put a "band-aid" on it!

Kitting Assembly

Supreme Cable Technology, Inc. provides economic solutions to your kit assembly requirements however simple or complex. Our expert guidance will help to support your unique or standard packaging and kitting requirements. Your kits are packaged to your specifications with streamlined processes and improved quality.

We handle all the details - materials acquisition, inventory management, assembling, packaging and timely distribution. Fulfillment, quality assurance, verification, and distribution in ways that best fit your needs.

  • Complete supply chain management.
  • Quality product is a result of quality service.

Shared Cost Savings

  • Shared Cost Savings: Wherever possible, cost reductions are passed on to the customer.

  • Materials Pricing Alternatives: Where applicable and desired, the Supreme team will search for alternative or cross components that will meet the customer's specified specs in order to reduce assembly costs.

  • Improved Efficiencies: Our manufacturing staff is highly skilled and trained using the best of manufacturing technologies to improve processes. If there are efficiencies to be found, we will find them. Efficiencies often reflected in cost savings to our customers.

Design review and Recommendations

  • Our technicians will review your designs and provide recommendations for process, material and/or cost saving ideas.


Supreme Cable Technology, Inc. has capability to build small quantity and prototype production based on customers' drawings, BOMs (bill of materials) and AVLs (approved vendor lists). Technical supports are available.

  • Supreme Cable has partnered with many customers as they ramp up from prototype and one-of production to mass production. Reach the next level with Supreme ramping up and services.
  • Engineering design or component specifications are the responsibility of the customer.

Supplier Managed Inventory

  • Inventory Management: Supreme Cable Technology, Inc. can provide a dedicated manufacturing cell that puts the manufacturing strictly under the customer's control. We provide safety stock at the finished goods or component levels, as well as inventory and Kanban replenishment and in-plant store inventory where needed. Our goal is to be a direct extension of your company.
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